Grunge and Abstract art

I’ve been experimenting with creating grunge/abstract compositions in Photoshop. One reason why I really enjoy this style more than the more traditional and balanced styles is that I don’t need to work as hard to get it looking “just right”. Since the style calls for distress and a sense of chaos, I can throw elements together without needing to unify them. Another reason I like this style is that it forces you to look more at the emotion of the composition rather than the content.

Here are some examples

This image started out as just the background and the tree, but after taking the picture of the flower, I decided to just start adding more nature elements.

This was a fun abstract composition which turned out to have a lot of meaning. It symbolically represents the fundamentals of God’s creation. The yellow circles in the top-left represent the sun, and the brown triangle represents the earth. The red shape represents multi-dimensionality, the green triangle, trigonometry and the large circle represents the infinite. I also created the subtle outlines of Pi and infinity on the background.

This is an imaginary movie or video game poster. I wanted to use the picture of this guy’s head, so I just started experimenting the overlay blending mode and different textures.

For this image, I wanted to create a dirty, retro wallpaper. I used Adobe Illustrator to create all the shapes, then added text and overlaid textures to make it look dirty and worn.

Check out my flickr page for more of my artwork