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I am a sinner, in need of Jesus as my Savior. I love enjoying the beauty of His creation all around me, and try to imitate His creativity with my art

Packt Publishing Survey

Packt Publishing is currently running a survey which will allow you to be able to purchase any of their numorous ebooks or videos for a price of $5.

The resources that are sold on Packt range from Web development and design, to software and app development, and even includes subjects like microcontroller programming, and how to use bitcoin.

If you are a Packt Publishing subscriber or have purchased content from them, you may have seen their Skill Up report earlier this year where over 20,000 IT professionals shared what they thought were the most important skills to learn, which provided valuable insight into the knowledge needed to command the highest salaries in different tech roles.

Packt Publishing is now running a ‘Year in Review survey to see if the predictions which were made in July have come true and to discover what IT professionals are planning to learn in 2016.

As a token of their appreciation for completing the survey Packt is offering a discount code. This code is able to buy any eBook/Video title for $5.

Take the survey here


Blender 3D Cookbook


This book is excellent as it goes step by step in the process of character creation working from a sketch and creating a fully rigged, animated and textured model. It covers the new cutting edge features of Blender when it comes to mesh creation, sculpting, and retopology. This is the first book that I have read that was able to explain in detail the different techniques that can be used in Blender to apply re-topology to meshes. It covers each topic in detail and allows for the application of several techniques to accomplish tasks. While this book seems geared towards an intermediate level of blender experience, a beginner should be able to easily pick up the topics in this book and be able to learn complicated processes is very little time.

Find it on Packt Publishing here

Blender Compositing and Post Processing Review


1127OS_Cover_0So I got my hands on this book written by Mythravarun Vepakomma called Blender Compositing and Post Processing. This book is an excellent resource for Blender users at any level.

It is clear and concise for beginners, explains advanced techniques for intermediate users, and is a great reference for experienced users. The first few chapters deal with a lot of critical concepts for beginners in any field of digital graphics including:

  • Bit Depth and Color Modes
  • Layer-blending techniques
  • Color Grading with Bezier curves
  • Masking

In addition to these introductory concepts, Mythravarun also talks about more advanced techniques, such as taking advantage of Blender’s multi-layer render output to cut down on render times, and work nondestructively. These techniques include:

  • Relighting
  • Post-render texture mapping
  • Post-render depth of field
  • Chromatic Aberration and other lens effects

I would highly recommend this book to all blender users, no matter what level of experience. You can get it from Packt Publishing here or from Amazon here