Zoom Blur Filter

Pixelmator has a lot of really cool effects that you can apply to layers called filters. One filter that I’ve found that is very useful is called the zoom blur filter. The zoom blur filter does exactly what it sounds like it should do. It takes the pixels on a given layer and applies a vortex-like zoom effect to it. It is very similar to the radial blur filter in Photoshop when it is set to zoom blur. But, I’ve found that Pixelmator’s zoom blur filter is a bit more robust, and is much more versatile then Photoshop’s radial blur.

Zoom Blur from Josh Koiro on Vimeo.


As you probably realize, I have changed the look of Art Symphony. The reason for this is because I’m planning on starting an Etsy store to sell Canvas photographs. I want to blend the look of my blog with my other social networks so that I can form a sort of brand for Art Symphony.

Hopefully, I’ll have the Art Symphony store set up soon so I’ll let you know when it’s time to check it out!