Quartz Composer intro

Quartz composer is a node-based programing environment that allows you to create and manipulate video, and images. Quartz composer is part of the Xcode programing software for Mac and seamlessly integrates with the cocoa application framework. In understandable terms, this means that Quartz composer can be used to create programs for both Mac and apple mobile devices using iOS. It can also be used to create image filters (or image effects) for programs like Pixelmator. It can be used to create videos, images, and even screen savers. From my perspective, Quartz composer is an excellent program for people like me who like to do programing, but don’t like spending a huge amount of time to make a simple application. Quartz composer is fast, and easy to learn, but has the power to be able to create some very complex programs.

As with most programing languages, it can be very hard to find instructional webpages or videos on how to learn Quartz Composer. So I’m going to attempt to create several videos explaining how to create different applications in Quartz Composer. This first video explains the basics of Quartz Composer, and explains the usage of image filters.

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